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For many small and medium-sized businesses, IT is a necessary asset. It can be complex, expensive, and often doesn’t work the way you need it to. How often have you tried to research, buy, and install hardware only to find it doesn’t work right? You’ve spent hours of time and more money than you wanted to, all for a solution that doesn’t deliver.

Here at LASMNS we specialize in professional IT. We know the available technology options inside and out. We also have the years of training and experience to help you get your new IT technology up and running. It will operate smoothly and often deliver far more than you expected.

Now you can get back to work taking care of your business and doing what you love. Knowing LASMNS has your back makes IT easy and fun. Now you can take advantage of the latest innovations in IT technology. This will put you far ahead of competitors who are still dealing with lesser software, outdated hardware, and a system that frequently hangs up and stalls. Their staff is left waiting for the IT system to come back up while making excuses to customers who are being put on hold.

We help you avoid that common problem. We recommend and/or install just the right IT for your company and mission. We listen closely to what you want to achieve, your frustrations, and your dreams for the future. Then we develop a custom solution just for you.

Whether you need to link far-flung offices, outfit your small business with the latest advanced IT capabilities, protect your entire system with ironclad security no hacker can even think about penetrating or simply network your business with the best technology at the least possible investment. We take the approach you need and deliver proven solutions that will pay big dividends for you and your company.

Perhaps the first step for most businesses is an easy to use, highly reliable Enterprise Networking system. This connects all your computers and devices for seamless integration and operation. You can enjoy trouble free workgroup networks that let your team or teams get more done in less time with fewer mistakes. Whether you want to network a few rooms or an entire corporation, we can handle the project professionally and efficiently.

Think about it. Customers notice when you can get work done faster and more efficiently. Their product or service is delivered faster with better results. You look faster, smarter, and better than competitors. All because you can communicate instantly and freely, share information effortlessly, and keep it all organized with greater ease.

We work with the best vendors in the industry. From Cisco to HPE to F5 and many more – you get the latest technology in fully developed and tested units and systems. If you haven’t seen the latest IT capabilities, it’s time to take a fresh look. These technology providers have major R&D operations that constantly turn out jaw-dropping improvements that are incredibly useful for any business.

Security is an another major area for us. We can make your system and applications practically impervious to hackers, bad actors, and malware. This is essential in today’s world. Bad actors are constantly changing and improving their strategies to penetrate systems and steal information. It’s no longer just the nerdy 14 year-old making viruses in his basement. Rouge nations have teams of university trained programmers, engineers, and coders who work around the clock taking down networks and stealing your most valuable data. We can provide superb Enterprise Security that will fully protect your networks and IT from hackers, malware, and even disgruntled former employees. We stay several steps ahead of the rogue community. We use the latest hardware and software to keep all your customer information, private communications, and financial data hidden and away from prying eyes.

This is just a taste of what LASMNS offers. Please browse our site for the full menu of available services and technology. Please bear in mind we specialize in offering exceptional value-added service. Here you can get the knowing and reliable advice and help you need. Many businesses and organizations contact us to discuss challenges, ideas, and problems that need to be solved. We go to work giving the best possible options and advice. We can help you choose just the right technology to perfectly fit your situation.


LASMNS provides high quality services which are listed below. For more information contact us

Dedication to Client Success

We are committed to setting each client that we work with up for future prosperity with our IT solutions, services, and products. When you decide to work with LASMNS, you are guaranteed attentive customer service from qualified IT professionals that will provide you with knowledgeable, unbiased advice that will lay the foundation for your company’s success!

Solution Consultation

We work with you to choose the right technology, implement it properly, and operate appropriately with monitoring.This can lead to welcome gains in growth. Our solutions advisors have multi-industry, multi-vendor expertise and we offer you the technology infrastructure solutions that advances your business productivity and services and accelerate your overall IT performance.

Migration & Integration

We understand that every business is unique, therefore having their own specific IT requirements. Our helpful team will offer a full consultation to identify the exact needs for your business, then help you select the products and services that are best suited for you. Our licensed technicians always offer objective opinions with the sole intention of optimizing your businesses’ IT systems and operations.

Optimization & Maintenance

We always consider our clients as long-term partners, which is why we continuously monitor and analyze your IT systems and solutions after they are in place. Our proactive approach to reviewing system performance and upgrading software/hardware when necessary means that your IT operations are always optimized and bug-free.

Please contact us today for your no-obligation, no-cost discussion. We will listen closely and are always happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to order now knowing we provide excellent service and follow-up after the sale. We look forward to working with you now and for years to come.