LASMNS expands your data center capacity whenever you need it by seamlessly integrating it with cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)


Your LASMNS data center journey begins with our expert design consultants. Our conversations focus on you, your people, and the services you need from your data center to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Data Center Solutions

“Data Center” is being redefined, and IT managers are discovering new ways to enjoy greater agility, greater flexibility, and greater scalability both up and down, without increasing costs or risking capital investments in areas with uncertain futures. Whether your data center requires hundreds of thousands of square feet or just a network closet in your office, LASMNS helps you make the most of this powerful resource.

On-Premise Data Center

The challenge is not in the CapEx, it’s in the OpEx. When designing and building any IT operations facility, the price you pay for the equipment can easily pale in comparison to the ongoing cost of using that equipment.

Infrastructure Architecture

The multi-tier model is the design for the enterprise. It is based on the web, application, and database layered design supporting commerce and enterprise business ERP and CRM solutions.

Data Center Optimization

Our data center consultants act as your trusted experts to make recommendations, develop detailed design standards, and evaluate the capability of your applications to meet future requirements.

Cloud Data Center

LASMNS expands your data center capacity whenever you need it by seamlessly integrating it with the cloud Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Your servers and storage appear to you as one with the cloud servers and storage.Your user experience will enhance.

Consolidation & Relocation

LASMNS data center consulting assist our clients to evaluate, to consolidate and support data center consolidation and relocation. Our services include activities such as the validation of Applications, Network, Security, Server, and determination of sourcing strategies.

Managed Data Center Services

Our managed data center services encompass all your data center hosting needs. From selected enterprise public-facing applications to cloud storage, backup, archiving, disaster recovery and hosted exchange. We offer premium infrastructure security and compliance.

Co-Located Offsite Data Center

Many companies now opt to locate their own IT core infrastructure at a specially designed co-location facility which is operated full-time by trained experts in the field of data center operations. Their infrastructure is protected by superior security, fire, power, cooling, and multiple carrier connections to the internet. Co-location of infrastructure is also an important component of your disaster recovery (DR) strategy. During an emergency that has deprived you of access to your own facilities, your people can instead go to work at the actual co-location facility which features desks, computers, and connections to your servers and data so your people can continue working throughout the worst of storms. All the comforts of your office, with all the access you’ll need. LASMNS puts your infrastructure into the highest quality co-location facility and manages it, taking a long list of concerns and costs off your plate. Your infrastructure operates in a top tier environment with all the necessary services properly provided.

Platform Migration

Our businesses are constantly changing, and technology strives to change with us. New and more powerful platforms and applications are constantly emerging and your business needs to keep up to remain competitive. Often, the challenge is how to get “there” from “here”. Existing applications must be ported to the new platform, data must be migrated, and there are many, many opportunities for error and delay. Many companies put off these migrations specifically to avoid these problems. LASMNS puts their fears to rest. Successful platform migration requires careful planning, evaluation of applications in use and their related data entities, and much more. Our experts perform these assessments and present a complete and cogent plan for your review. Upon your approval, we execute on that plan, migrating you gradually to assure a smooth, uneventful transition.


LASMNS value-added data center colocation services help our clients to source colocation and systems in local and global markets.



  • Internet & IP
  • Cross Connects
  • Metro Connect
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • 15 + WAN Carriers


  • Colocation Cabinets
  • Colocation Cages
  • Enhanced Services
  • Managed Colocation
  • Remote Hands


  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SSAE 16


  • Financial
  • Aviation
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Food
  • Educational
  • Entertainment



Carrier-Neutral Edge Data Center Colocation Founded in 2012, 365 Data Centers is a leading provider of hybrid data center solutions in strategic edge markets. Our robust, carrier neutral ecosystem and secure, reliable edge Colocation, Network, IP, DRaaS, Cloud compute and storage, and Business Continuity services help organizations reduce costs, drive innovation and improve their customer experience. 365 Data Centers supports mission-critical application infrastructure by providing 100% uptime and adhering to industry standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, VISA, SSAE 16, SOC 2, and ISAE 3402. 365 Data Centers is based in Norwalk, Connecticut, and operates ten geographically diverse US data centers.


CyrusOne offers a portfolio of more than 35 data centers across the U.S., Europe and Asia, comprising over 4 million square feet of total net rentable square footage (NRSF). Global firms seeking enterprise colocation solutions have consistently selected CyrusOne. Currently serving hundreds of customers and more than 185 of Fortune 1000 customers worldwide, CyrusOne’s strong growth over the past 16 years has made it the third-largest data center provider in the U.S. From the Fortune 20 to the Fortune 1000 and beyond, companies trust CyrusOne to provide scalable, reliable and secure data centers and connectivity solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. CyrusOne provides companies scalable and reliable data center.


CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is the second largest U.S. communications provider to global enterprise customers. With customers in more than 60 countries and an intense focus on the customer experience, CenturyLink strives to be the world’s best networking company by solving customers’ increased demand for reliable and secure connections. The company also serves as its customers’ trusted partner, helping them manage increased network and IT complexity and providing managed network and cyber security solutions that help protect their business.