Wondering what you need to improve and maintain your IT? Our consultants have the training and experience to help you create, upgrade, or repair your systems and networks. We will take a good long look at your current situation, make solid recommendations, and help you get the IT you need at a cost you can afford.

IT Consulting Services

LASMNS believes that each company is unique and therefore requires a customized technology strategy that will fit perfectly with the business model that they currently have in place. That is why we provide intensive IT consulting, so that our experienced IT specialists can gain an overview of the strategic, architectural, operational and implementation procedures currently powering your business. Once we understand and assess your businesses’ IT landscape, we can formulate both design and implementation strategies for the future.

Our architectural consulting services combine strategic planning and our knowledge of emerging technologies to develop a logical design for your IT system and the supporting infrastructure that surrounds it. Through our Operational Assessment, we evaluate the operating efficiency and capacity of your IT environment, then identify any potential changes that can optimize IT capabilities. Our Implementation Planning ensures that your business is fully prepared for the rollout and testing of new IT solution deployments so that there is no disruption to your business.

LASMNS is more than a traditional supplier of premium IT solutions. Our knowledgeable and experienced IT experts are dedicated to offering objective and innovative IT consulting services, so that your business is always progressing and evolving as new technologies emerge. We are always at the forefront of IT solutions so that we can advise our clients on dynamic software, hardware and networking that can optimize their operation.

IT Consulting Services offering



providing you with high-level advisory services to develop IT systems that optimize your operation.


Our security experts will generate a full scale safety plan that keeps information, applications and hardware 100% secure.

Servers & Storage

storage requirements and develop a storage strategy that is suitable for your business.

Unified Collaboration

collaboration network that brings your employees together in the most efficient manner possible.

Data Center Colocation

LASMNS will help you select a data center colocation system that allows you to keep your data safe,


Our experienced cloud consultants can create a customized computing strategy for you, allowing your team

Digital Transformation

If you require the flexibility and adaptability that comes with Digital Transformation, our advisors will create a plan

An underperforming IT hinders innovation and downgrades the business performance. A slow IT department in digital era damages the customer experience, increases production time, and limits a firm’s ability to adapt to changing market demands.

IT Assessment Services Offerings


LASMNS will assess your networking and connectivity to detect any inefficiencies in communication and data transfer, ensuring that your team is able to share information at a pace that streamlines operations.


Our experts will evaluate your entire security protocol to identify any potential threats or regulatory infractions, so that you can have the peace of mind that your information is protected to the highest standard.

Servers & Storage Assessment

We will thoroughly inspect your server and storage setup to identify if you require additional capabilities, or if you can potentially switch to a more affordable storage service in cases where you may not utilize all the provided space.

Unified Communication Assessment

An in-depth inspection of everything from video calling to your development management software can pinpoint areas that can be improved to better workflow for your team.

Data Center

We analyze the lifecycle of your data center so that we can establish a clear roadmap of your capability, performance, accessibility, security
and more.


We complete a full cloud computing assessment to ensure that a wide range of parameters including cloud infrastructure, business continuity, and service level agreements are all right for your business.

Digital Transformation Assessment

If you utilize Software-Defined Networking, Data or Connectivity, we will monitor, and analyze performance to identify if there are opportunities to adopt additional SDN in future.

Wireless and Mobility Assessment

Our wireless and mobility assessments ensure that your business will not be disrupted, as we test connectivity, business contingency plans, and remote access through various means.

Endpoint Compute Assessment

We will test all endpoint devices to discover how your business is able to integrate everything from tablets or wearable technology into your company’s IT strategy for the future.

Why LASMNS Technology Consulting Services?

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    Improved Performance

    Our consulting and assessment services help businesses to run at maximum efficiency by identifying problematic processes and presenting the best possible solution.

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    Visibility and Better Management

    Our consulting services not only improve technical efficiency, they also improve the workflow and communication between sectors, helping your employees share information to complete tasks easier.

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    Reduced Cost

    We help you recognize IT processes that can be costing you more than necessary by delivering additional capabilities that you don’t use. Our assessments allow you to trim extra services, saving your bottom line.

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    Flexibility and Simplicity

    Many businesses use IT solutions that are unnecessarily complicated. Our experts will create an infrastructure strategy that only includes the services that your business actually requires.

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    Improved Security

    By rigorously testing your security system in a variety of ways, our specialists will identify any potential threats. Once we do, we will advise the most effective manner to prevent it, as well as future security threats.

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    Core Business

    When you let the professionals at LASMNS inspect and consult for your IT needs, you provide yourself the opportunity to focus on running your daily operations as we handle everything IT-related on your behalf.

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