You may not have time or have the experts on your team to do it. We can help you. Our experts can handle your IT management for you. We do the job right the first time. Now you can enjoy outstanding services and protection all customized for your business. This is the managed network and firewall services to optimize your business.

Managed IT Services

Technology advances every day, making an already dynamic and digital-ready IT infrastructure more complicated. Maintaining a smoothly running IT environment requires that you not only have highly skilled staff available, but that they pay constant attention to it. Unfortunately, many companies are overwhelmed because not only can they not retain proper talent but business IT demands keep changing on them.

This is why you need to work to us! Our managed services can help free you from important but time-consuming IT tasks like managing, monitoring and patching of your IT infrastructure. We can provide 24×7 monitoring & management of your environment to facilitate progress in a developing business environment.We will help you blend seamlessly with your environment and achieve the operational dexterity you want while.

Don’t waste anymore of your time, effort, or employee resources on IT Management, when you have the IT specialists at LASMNS. We have helped hundreds of businesses effectively manage all of the IT processes, data, and networking, no we want to provide the same impeccable service to you!

Our experienced IT specialists are dedicated to offering a wide variety of IT Management services which allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. From network solutions to colocation, we treat every client’s IT Management as if it were our own, ensuring the highest standard of management at all times.

Managed IT offerings


Managed Network Services

Our network professionals ensure that all your connectivity hardware and software are fully functional, driving your business forward at all times.

Managed Security Services

We are dedicated to keeping your information and data secure from all threats. We integrate everything from malware protection to firewalls to protect

Managed VoIP Services

We install, monitor, and manage all VoIP-related hardware and software to provide a top class and affordable communication system

Managed Colocation Services

For businesses that utilize colocation services, we take the responsibility out of your hands by installing, monitoring, and delivering all necessary

LASMNS delivers far more than IT hardware and software to our clients. Our experience, expertise, and dedication to IT Management is unmatched, as we continuously strive to provide every single client with dynamic service that allows them to take their focus off IT and put their energy into growing their company!

Need to Upgrade Your LAN Switches and Internet Firewalls?

Why LASMNS Managed Services?

LASMNS provides high quality services which are listed below. For more information contact us

Proactive Remediation

Our team is constantly testing, monitoring, and analyzing all the processes we manage. This allows us to discover issues before they occur and fix potential bugs before they become a problem that disrupts business operations.

High Quality Client Support

We are committed to offering exceptional client support at all times to ensure that your business is always running smoothly. We are always available to answer client questions, respond to queries, and most importantly, immediately assist during any IT emergencies that may arise.

Predictable Spending

As a business owner, it is important that you understand how much of your budget will be allocated to IT operations. LASMNS is completely transparent in all pricing and cost-analysis, so that you can set your budget in advance without worrying about any significant changes in cost.

Call or email LASMNS now to fully understand how our dedicated IT Management services will free up your time and resources so that you are able to work with your team to grow your business!